Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hydroelectric Power

The continuing extinction of fossil fuels and increasing pollution due to these non renewable sources has forced the world to focus from non renewable energy sources to the renewable sources. There is a huge variety of these renewable energy sources available for you. These sources are environment friendly as well as clean sources of energy. There  are many options available with us to generate electricity in an Eco-friendly manner. These sources cover hydroelectricity production that means production of electricity by the use of water and another option is the tidal power i.e. electricity production through the dams and geo thermal which means by the use of heat from the earth. hydroelectric power produces electricity by the use of the force of running water. Usually these projects are set up near the water sources that can be a river or any else. It contains a water wheel that is turned and rotated by the river flow. Due to which a turbine is rotated, that produces required amount of electricity, but even it needs special conditions to work efficiently. The condition required is that the water must run constantly. This is thought to be a bit expensive method of producing electricity. The procedure demands huge mass of water to fall at a very high speed; thus, the turbines can rotate accordingly to generate electricity. This is safe, clean and eco-friendly. They can be set up both on large as well as small scale using the same principle, but with the variation in size of turbines. Normally it is used for large-scale production of electricity as it requires a lot of efforts for the small-scale production.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

how do wind farms work

In order to understand how do wind farms work, you must first familiarize yourself with what a wind farm is. When wind turbine are grouped together and set up in the same location to generate more electricity, they form what we now refer to as a wind farm. The wind turbines are connected to each other, with a minimum of a couple dozen wind turbines to as much as one hundred turbines. The most of the materials and components needed to build your own wind turbine are readily available and affordable. Suppliers and industries are now realizing the increasing demand for home renewable energy solutions and are scrambling to supply products and information to enable more people to do so.The efficiency of wind turbines depends on various factors such as location, geographical factors, mechanics, rotor shape/size, etc. Output can be regulated by a constant or variable rotational speed, as well as adjustable and non-adjustable blades. This control is essential because sometimes the wind's speed puts too much stress on the turbine, causing safety controls to kick-in and apply brakes to the rotor to prevent it from damage.

With so many ecological threats we face today, the concept of wind energy is gradually gaining a strong footing. It is imperative now to give due credence to such renewable sources of energy.Wind farms serve as an important attraction for the public and can be used as a highly effective educational tool. They can be highlighted by allowing the public to get a closer look in order to understand the importance and benefits of wind energy. Various viewing points can be constructed to allow the public to have a clear view without any obstructions from the surrounding areas and detailed information can be provided. This will definitely help people appreciate wind farms for what they are, an operation to generate power for a greener, cleaner future, rather than just mechanical additions to the landscape. Eco-friendliness and cost-efficiency are two  biggest advantages of having a home wind turbine. As these turbines harness the natural power of the wind, the absence of any chemical gasses or particles is a finest thing about these power-generating devices, making our Earth a much cleaner play to live.

There are really two main types of wind farms small-scale and large-scale. Small wind turbines produce enough power to generate an average twelve-volt appliance. Large facilities have wind turbines that are connected as a grid which are able to function as one unit and can store vast amounts of energy. These turbines function as a whole by self-adjusting to the direction of the wind in order to maximize efficiency. Large-scale wind farms also require a lot more funding than the small-scale farms. These large-scale farms will require a lot more funding, expertise and also research.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Solar Lighting

Solar lighting is majorly used to light the streets or pathways or landscapes or even the spotlights etc. These lights are available in various different sizes, colors, materials and types. They simply have a requirement of direct sunlight. They are also able to run with rechargeable batteries, but they need to be recharged during the day time from the sunlight. They are really inexpensive and can be afforded easily by everyone. With the use of solar lights, the technology has raised in just few years, and the manufacturers have developed a large variety of solar lighting in different styles, and colors. Solar holiday lights have a sensor that turns on at night and off during the day time and can run for about 8 hours. These holiday lights are coming in various different styles and colors, in the market, these days. They are used in Solar String Lights that can be attached to houses or around the lamp posts, trees, mail boxes etc. They may be used in Solar Multi-Coloured String Lights that are similar to string lights but are  coloured and have same uses. They may be used in Solar Rope Lights which can bare any type of weather and even rain. They are very flexible and thus, known as "rope." they may be also used in Solar Net Lights and can be used to wrap a shrub and are available only in white colour. Another use is Solar Icicle Lights and Solar Garland Lights and Solar Wreath Lights and many more. So you can make its use on any type.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Solar Energy And Its Applications

The pollution is increasing day by day, so it is our responsibility to reduce it and save the world. Every body is talking about “Go Green” and taking steps towards it. We must prefer the energy resources that reduce the pollution and are renewable. A very easy choice for it is using solar energy. Solar energy is extracted from sunlight i.e. sunlight is converted into energy. There are various ways of using solar energy. It can be in the form of Solar cells or Solar heating or Solar lighting and many more.

Solar cells (sometimes referred to as Photovoltaic cells) convert sunlight into electricity and are combinely used to as solar panels that are very efficient and effective way of using electricity. They absorb sunlight and their reaction with silicon material present in it produces electricity in the form of direct current(DC). Later on, it is converted into alternate current(AC), that is normally used for domestic purposes. In a sunny day, a solar panel of just single square meter can produce power to light a 100w bulb.

solar heating, a source of clean energy are considered as an awesome option for the heating purpose. It can either be heating up your houses or heating the water. It is helpful in many ways like reducing pollution caused from coal, oil or gas used for heating purpose earlier. This is a renewable source of energy and, one does not need to fear for its extinction. It can be used in two ways: direct system and Indirect system. Direct system work for domestic purpose to heat the home's water supply. Indirect system work by using fluid of low-freezing point to collect solar energy. These are mainly used in for industrial purpose to heat the water tank.

solar lighting is mainly used to light up the streets or your own pathway or landscape or the spotlights. These lights come in different sizes, colors, materials and types. They simply require direct sunlight. They are also capable of running with rechargeable batteries, but require to recharge during the day through sunlight. They are quite inexpensive and can be afforded easily.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Solar Power And Its Increasing Uses

In today's time of increasing pollution, eco-friendly products are preferred to be used. There are several ways in which one can make it possible. There is a lot of products that can be used to replace the older ones causing pollution. As every body, talks about “Go Green” and prefer clean energy, so we can use solar power that is easily available reduces, reduces pollution to a great extent and is eco-friendly.
Solar Power is generated by capturing the sunlight and converting it into energy and then use it in different forms. Usually, this process is of conversion of sunlight into heat or electricity. It is popular due to reason that it saves the fossil fuel which is near to extinction and causes pollution. It is a convenient source of energy and a reliable replacement to the traditional power sources. Its most advantageous fact is that it is renewable energy source. No one has to fear of its extinction. They will be available life long, as the sun will keep on shining till the existence of this universe. It is also a cheap source of energy. Thus, it is a good idea to use this energy instead of other sources, which will be, both expensive, causing pollution and will not last for long.
It has several uses of its own. They can be used in solar cells or for water heating or solar furnace or solar panels. solar cells also known as photovoltaic cells or photoelectric cells that convert solar energy into electricity. They are used on solar panels made up of silicon material that absorb sunlight and their reaction produces energy. They generate direct current(DC) and using inverters it can be converted into alternate current(AC) that is used in all places including our homes. This type of energy is so efficient that it can produce enough power to light up a 100w bulb from a single square meter of it. So one must promote the use of solar power to a great extent.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Future Scope of Solar Power

Solar power deals with the use of solar radiation for practical purposes. It has been employed in order to decrease the carbon footprints from our environment. It is the basic motor of all forms of energy generation methods. It is free and clean to use. This form of energy is available in abundance in our environment. The fossil fuels are also mere frozen solar power. Solar energy has remained a necessary ingredient for decades now. It's demand for usage still prevails.
It is mainly used for the domestic purposes these days. Solar power systems operate by converting the solar energy into the electrical energy. Usage of this power helps tremendously in reducing the power bills and also largely helps our environment. Using this form of power for domestic purposes has many advantages. The people who use it know it better. All of the people who use only solar power operated electric appliances do not wish to switch to other power systems.
For generating the solar power at our houses, we first need to install the solar panels on the roofs of the buildings, The solar panels are placed where their is ample amount on sunlight falling on them. Solar panels trap the heat energy and generate electricity. This form of power can be used to rum many home electric appliances. A traditional boiler can be used for heating the water when their is no sunlight.
The photovoltaic cells also play an integral role in our lives. They are basically the panels that you can attach it onto your roofs. With the sunlight falls onto them, the electricity is generated. Their are many sizes of solar panels available in the market today. The size is proportional to the amount of electricity to be generated. You must be watchful of the strength of your roof before installing the solar panels. For the generation of solar power at your homes, place the solar panels to the south.
The solar water heaters are primarily used to heat up the water for the domestic purposes. They are of two types: direct solar water heaters and indirect solar water heaters. To set up the solar panels, you just need to have little knowledge about plumbing and electrical wiring. These solar water heaters reduce the electricity bills and expenses. Solar panels create pollution-free environment. Solar power is the most flourishing form of eco-friendly energy. It contains no moving parts and generates no noise. It does not release any harmful radiations into the environment. This form of energy does not affect the human life as well as the animal life. It converts light form into electricity very silently. There is a particular disadvantage of this form of energy i,e its output variability, When their is no direct sunlight, these panels fail to work until their is adequate sunlight.
As the technology has advanced, we now have started making use of electric vehicles too. Such vehicles have started becoming readily available and are operated using battery technology as well as solar energy. Their costs are now dropping and such vehicles are becoming readily available to the masses. Electric vehicles have a wonderful future for sure as they do not pollute the environment. They are also cheap in their usage.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Disadvantages of Geothermal Energy

Firstly, one of the challenges is that since this energy source is extracted from deep within the earth; the sites to build geo thermal energy plants are limited.

Secondly, Geothermal systems tend to have a somewhat higher first cost than conventional systems. However due to the low maintenance cost in the long run geothermal energy will cover the initial costs and deliver a good ROI (Return of Investment).

In regards to the economy, many of the geothermal resources are located around the world and thus geothermal energy is helping with job creation and economic stimulation of each country that can tap into this resource. Instead of relying on emission producing fuels, we can rely on something that is renewable, reliable and, most importantly, risk free to our future generations.